How to Use Mixins in Magento 2

In this tutorial, Today We will explain to you what is mixins and how to use mixins in Magento 2. In Backend, When we need to extend functionality or modify some data we’re managed by before, after or around the plugin.

But, In JavaScript, If we need to modify data without override JavaScript file then, how to do? Is It possible?

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The answer is Yes. It’s possible by Mixins. But, many people have a question that how to use mixins and implement them in our module?

Let’s follow the steps to create a simple example of mixins. Let’s assume that you have created a module.

1. First of all, Create requirejs-config.js at app/code/Pridee/Helloworld/view/frontend/ and paste the below code:

Here, We extend Magento_Swatches/js/swatch-renderer this js with our custom js Pridee_Helloworld/js/swatch-renderer-mixin.

2. Then, Create swatch-renderer-mixin.js at app/code/Pridee/Helloworld/view/frontend/web/js/ to extend the original function:

That’s it.

Now, you need to remove static content and deploy again static content.

I hope this blog will helpful for easily understand how to use mixins in Magento 2. In case, I missed anything or need to add some information, always feel free to leave a comment in this blog, I’ll get back with proper solution.

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